We're live in Melbourne!

We’re excited to announce that as of right now – Re has a brand-new office.

By Shannon Bell, Creative Director - Re

May 2022

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Today Re Melbourne opens its doors to support our wonderful clients in Melbourne and, all going well, many new clients to come.

This launch has been a while in the making. Over the past year, we’ve gradually grown a small team of great people in Melbourne. This team will be led by Re Creative Director Shannon Bell who has spent eight years working with the Sydney business.

Our new office is opening just as our work for Maurice Blackburn Lawyers launches. The evolved brand identity and employer brand for Australia’s leading plaintiff law firm are the first in 12 years. Re’s other Melbourne-based clients include Medibank, Ethos Urban and Mr Yum.

Look out for news, work and musings from the Melbourne team as they spread their wings.

Get in contact at hello.melbourne@re.design

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