It's 35 degrees and everyone's eating soup

For us, like many teams, last week was a new world of work, coming to terms with separation, kids underfoot, IT challenges, uncertainty, and video calls. So many calls.

By Shannon Bell, Creative Director - Re

May 2020

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Last week, as the world around us changed completely, one constant emerged: cooking. By Thursday (a sweaty 35-degrees in Sydney) our group chat had no less than three soups under discussion. It seems we’re coping with our low-key panic by making comfort food, and that seems kind of healthy. So, we thought we’d share our most popular meals.

This week our aim is to find a calmer rhythm – one we can maintain for however long this new reality lasts. We hope these tried and tested recipes help you find yours.

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Expect the unexpected

It was 2019, and life was simpler. We hugged people we’d only met once. We paid money to eat small portions on large plates in vast white rooms that weren’t our homes. Shoes were a thing. We hadn’t even considered downloading TikTok.

By Amy Scott, Writer - Re

Apr 2020