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With the support of Re's Side Hustles initiative, we're celebrating First Nations women and donating to a great cause.

By Alysha Menzel and Nina Szewczyk, Senior Designer and Designer

Oct 2023

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First Nations women have a story to tell, one that stands as a testament to resilience and strength. Their lives are a celebration of the enduring power of First Nations people and culture. Each woman holds wisdom that transcends generations, and we honour each as a trailblazer who paves the path for each of us that follows. They serve as our inspiration, guiding lights, and a source of reassurance as we continue to work towards preserving our traditions and creating a better future for the next generations.

With the upcoming referendum, this is a crucial time to listen to, celebrate, and amplify First Nation voices. We are so excited and proud to share our second iteration of Herstory playing cards. Herstory is an ongoing project created by Nina in 2020, with the aim to recognise the achievements of women throughout history. This special edition spotlights First Nations women from our country’s history, and helps amplify Indigenous Australian voices at this pivotal moment. Each card features an inspiring woman, researched and hand drawn, in an effort to better recognise their contributions and inspire those of the future.

A playing card, the eight of hearts, sits on an angle above native flower patterns by Alysha Menzel. The card shows an illustrated version of Cathy Freeman at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Through this project, we are proud to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, with 100% of profits donated. The ILF works with over 400 remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia, providing tools and resources to better shape children’s literacy and future, and help preserve First Nations languages and culture.

Pre-order is now available, with 50% off Australia-wide shipping and free Sydney delivery.

Through supporting this project and celebrating women of the past and present, we can play a small role in supporting those of the future.

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Re X Rewrite

Re’s Side Hustles initiative has supported Rewrite in its mission to remove 500,000kgs of ocean plastics by 2035.

By Lachlan Reid, Senior Strategist

Oct 2023