Expect the unexpected

It was 2019, and life was simpler. We hugged people we’d only met once. We paid money to eat small portions on large plates in vast white rooms that weren’t our homes. Shoes were a thing. We hadn’t even considered downloading TikTok.

By Amy Scott, Writer - Re

Apr 2020

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At Re, we were working with a new client on something close to our hearts – a mobile gin distillery. We’d called it Unexpected Guest, and we were beyond excited to introduce it to the world.

Fast forward to 2020 and we were ready to launch. The van was sprayed in the signature brand orange, the illustrations finalised, the typeface purchased. But the world, well, it wasn’t ready to launch anything other than a viral assault. We had to press pause on unexpected guests of every kind.

Our clients, they could have cried about it, beating their fists against their bespoke stills screaming "why us, why now!" Even more tempting, they could have drunk their supplies dry. But instead they chose to act.

Like so many in the spirits industry, they found themselves in the unique position to manufacture something essential at a time of desperate need. Thus, Unexpected Sanitiser was born.

But the plot twists didn’t stop there. Because as it turned out, we were branding buckets of sanitiser. And we could wax lyrical about how the bucket is a symbol of plenty, of preparedness, of cleanliness and safety – but really it was the only vessel purchasable in bulk at short notice.

So there you have it, the story of Unexpected Sanitiser. A product we never expected to need, in times we never expected to live through. But as the world becomes a little more unexpected every day, our response can be too.

Purchase your very own bucket at unexpectedsanitiser.com

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